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Albertsons Companies
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Type Private
Industry Grocery retail
Essential service(s) Yes
Country United States
Multinational No
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Albertsons Companies is a national grocery retail company in the United States. Its subsidiaries include Acme Markets, Haggen, Jewel-Osco, Lucky, Pavilions, Randalls, Safeway, Shaw's, Star Market, Tom Thumb, United Supermarkets, and Vons. It is privately owned and operated by investors, including Cerberus Capital Management.

COVID-19 response

  • Encouraging: Implemented one-way aisles.[1]
  • Encouraging 15 March 2020 (WHO.svg+4 dayssrc): Installing plexiglass barriers at checkout areas.[1][2]
  • Encouraging 23 March 2020 (WHO.svg+12 dayssrc): Company is donating US$3 million to hunger relief efforts related to the COVID-19 pandemic and creating "Help Feed Families During This Crisis" campaign allowing customers to contribute as well.[3][4]
  • Encouraging 22 April 2020 (WHO.svg+42 dayssrc): Announced it is donating an additional US$50 million to hunger relief efforts related to the COVID-19 pandemic.[1][4]


  • Encouraging 05 May 2020 (WHO.svg+55 dayssrc): Implementing additional technology to better support online shopping.[5]


  • Encouraging: Providing employees with protective masks and gloves.[1]
  • Encouraging 15 March 2020 (WHO.svg+4 dayssrc): Providing "appreciation pay" to all employees with additional US$2 hourly pay.[1][2]
  • Encouraging 24 March 2020 (WHO.svg+13 dayssrc): Working with 17 companies in food and hospitality industries to hire workers furloughed as a result of the pandemic.[1][6]
  • Disappointing 05 May 2020 (WHO.svg+55 dayssrc): Has at least 26 stores in the Southern California area with one or more employees that have tested positive for COVID-19.[7]

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