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Cardinal Health
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Type Public
Industry Health care
Essential service(s) Yes
Country United States
Multinational Yes
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Cardinal Health is an international United States based distributor of pharmaceuticals and medical products.

COVID-19 response

  • Encouraging 04 April 2020 (WHO.svg+24 dayssrc): Founding collaborator of Project Airbridge, a joint effort to expedite manufacturing, sourcing, and distribution of personal protective equipment and COVID-19 treatments.[1][2]


  • Encouraging: Does contact tracing is when an employee is known to be a confirmed case to determine if they have been in close contact with others and if so, additional employees are asked to quarantine with pay for period of 14 days.[3]
  • Encouraging: Requiring employees to take their temperature before work.[3]
  • Encouraging: Providing all employees with masks at work.[3]

News articles


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