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Live Nation Entertainment
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Type Public
Industry Entertainment
Essential service(s) No
Country United States
Multinational Yes
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Live Nation Entertainment is an international entertainment company based in the United States. Its subsidiaries include AC Entertainment, C3 Presents, Front Line Management Group, Roc Nation, and Ticketmaster.

COVID-19 response


  • Encouraging 31 March 2020 (WHO.svg+20 dayssrc): Committed US$5 million to Crew Nation, a relief fund geared specifically toward live-show workers.[1]
  • 13 April 2020 (33 days since WHO declared COVID-19 a pandemic):
    • Encouraging: CEO Michael Rapino will forgo the remainder of his US$3 million salary, representing approximately 26% of his annual compensation.[2][3][4]
    • Encouraging: Other top executives are taking pay cuts up to 50%.[2][3]
    • Encouraging: Committed additional US$5 million to Crew Nation, a relief fund geared specifically toward live-show workers, bringing total to date to US$10 million.[2][3]
    • Complicated: Implemented hiring freezes.[3]
    • Disappointing: Furloughed non-essential employees.[3]

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