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Best Buy Co., Inc.
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Type Public
Industry Consumer electronics retailer
Country United States
Multinational Yes
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Best Buy Co., Inc. is an international consumer electronics retailer in the United States. Its services include the Geek Squad.

COVID-19 response

  • Encouraging 19 March 2020 (WHO.svg+8 dayssrc): Announced they would be limiting number of customers inside their stores to 10-15 at a time beginning on 23 March 2020.[1]
  • Encouraging 22 March 2020 (WHO.svg+11 dayssrc): Changed plans to instead close inside of stores to customers completely and switched to curb-side only pickup.[2]
  • Encouraging 23 March 2020 (WHO.svg+12 dayssrc): All deliveries, including of large appliances, will only be made to customer's door and not delivered inside their home.[2]



  • 22 March 2020 (11 days since WHO declared COVID-19 a pandemic)
    • Encouraging: Employees whose hours are eliminated by new store restrictions "will be paid for two weeks at their normal wage rate based on their average hours worked over the last 10 weeks."[2]
    • Encouraging: Employees who feel sick and stay home will be paid for that time.[2]
    • Encouraging: Employees exposed to COVID-19 are being asked to stay home — with pay.[2]
    • Encouraging: Employees who may need to care for children at home will be paid. Not known for how many hours or if it will be at their regular pay.[2]

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