Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital

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Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital
Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital logo.svg
Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital's logo
Type Nonprofit
Industry Healthcare
Essential service(s) Yes
Country United States
Multinational No
Official website
Twitter (@MFBrehab)
COVID-19 webpage
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Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital is a nonprofit healthcare provider in Michigan, United States.

COVID-19 response



  • Encouraging 01 May 2020 (WHO.svg+51 dayssrc): Began providing designated workers (CENA, Health Unit Coordinator, Linen and Environmental Services employees, Monitor Tech, Nurse Care Assistant, Nurse Tech, Nutrition Clinician / Stocking Aide, Patient Transporter, Rehab Tech, Security Officer, Unit Aid, and Unit Secretary) an "incentive pay of [US]$4 per hours worked" tentatively through 30 June 2020.[1]
    • Disappointing: Nurses and physical therapists are not included among the "designated front-line service workers" and are not receiving any additional pay during the COVID-19 pandemic.[1]

News articles



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