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You can create an article on any corporate, academic, or nonprofit organization in the world.

What to include

Each article should include:

  • One sentence introduction to organization
  • Information on organization's response to COVID-19

What not to include

Articles should never include:

  • Promotional materials
  • Attempts to sell anything (products, services, information, etc.)
  • Information without citations
    • If you are having problems adding your citation, use the talk page to share it and ask for help.
    • If your information has no citations - it will be removed

What gets an article

Generally, any organization (nonprofit, corporation, or academic) whose response to the COVID-19 pandemic is having an impact on its consumers or workers qualifies for inclusion. However, any content without citations will be removed.


Currently, there are no set policies on handling subsidiaries. Here are some examples of what has been done so far, use your best discretion on what will work best:

  • Including all information under the parent company's article
  • Separating information between subsidiary and parent company's articles
    • Works best when actions being taken are independent or the subsidiary is a better known entity acting on its own
    • Example: Alphabet and its subsidiary Google

Basic article setup

Academic organization, company, or nonprofit

{{Infobox organization
|orgtype= <!-- Nonprofit/Company/Academic institution -->
|logo= <!-- File:Example.png -->
|logocaption= <!-- Caption for logo -->
|type= <!-- Private/Public/Subsidiary/Etc. -->
|industry= <!-- Organization's primary industry -->
|essential= <!-- Yes -->
|international= <!-- Yes -->
|website= <!-- https://url -->
|twitter= <!-- ExampleAccount -->
|covidsite= <!-- https://url -->
'''[[wikipedia:organization|Organization]]''' is a national retailer in the United States.

== COVID-19 response ==

=== Consumers ===
* {{Covid days since|DD Month Year|bold=yes}}: Information on the organization's response as it impacts consumers.

=== Employees ===
* {{Covid days since|DD Month Year|bold=yes}}: Information on the organization's response as it impacts employees.

=== News articles ===
* DD Month Year: [ News article], ''Publication''
* DD Month Year: [ Additional news article], ''Publication''

== References ==

Police department

{{Infobox police department
|logo= <!-- File:Example.png -->
|logocaption= <!-- Caption for logo -->
|website= <!-- https://url -->
|twitter= <!-- ExampleAccount -->
|covid19site= <!-- https://url -->
The '''Name''' is the police force for location.

{{Police department
|crb= <!-- Yes / No -->
|deescalationtraining= <!-- Yes / No -->
|multiculturaltraining= <!-- Yes / No -->
|bodycams= <!-- Yes / No -->

===Specific policies===



  • Used to provide an overview of organization
  • Content appearing between <!-- --> tags will not appear on page when published
    • The <!-- --> tags must be deleted for the content within them to appear

  • Logo of organization
  • Format: File:Example.png
  • Can use files uploaded to Accountability Wiki or already available on Wikimedia Commons


  • Relates to if the organization provides essential services
  • Should only be used if answer is Yes


  • Indicates if organization is international
  • Should only be used if answer is Yes


  • Format: TwitterHandle
  • Do not need to use link or include @ symbol


  • Name of organization's English Wikipedia article
  • Should only be used if organization has a Wikipedia article
    • Organization can still be added even if it does not have an English Wikipedia article


  • Information about organization's response
  • Use "Customers" or "Employees" header for information specific to those groups
  • Place general information about organization's response under the main "COVID-19 response" header
  • Include date of action, if known, using the {{Covid days since}} template:
  • Format: * {{Covid days since|DD Month Year|bold=yes}}: Information on the organization's response<ref>Citation</ref>

News articles

  • News articles specifically about organization's response (or its involved in a group or industry response)
  • Citations can be reused
  • Should only include reliable news outlets


  • Should automatically populate based on information used in citations (created with <ref> </ref> tags


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